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I was surprised to hear that, because normally I thought she would be inquiring about me, since I had only given him a little information about Sadiz.

In fact, I thought the doctor, Elder Sis Tsukshi, and other sisters, who did not know much about my background in the first place like, were “prepared to ask and inquire” with that intention.

And yet, Kron wasn’t talking about our past, but about how Sadiz, who woke up and lost her memory, would live her life.

“N, no, Goddess... first of all, we should learn more about Sadiz... in the first place, I would rather we take the opportunity to learn more about Mr. Earth...”

“Eh? But we can always ask Earth about that at any time, so I think it’s important to talk about Sadiz’s life first.”

“Hah... erm, well, that’s right~...? No, but, look, Earth and Sadiz... somehow... you can call it a relationship under special circumstances... by Earth’s reaction...”

Elder Sis Tsukshi asked Kron in bewilderment.

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After all, Elder Sis Tsukshi seemed to think that “normally we should look into their past more” as I thought.

However, Kron had a vacant expression.

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“But the most important thing is not what you have done in the past, but what you will do from now on, right?”

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No...... she’s not wrong... yeah, it’s correct, but...

“And it seems Earth doesn’t want to talk about it, does he?”


“That’s why he didn’t give too much detail, right?”

Eh? No, um. That’s not wrong either. That’s why I chose my words with care.

But could this carefree, sheltered, natural-airheaded lady know that?

“I understand. I think there was a painful past for both Earth and Sadiz. I think it was very hard for them.”