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He took a sip from the glass on his desk and continued talking.

「Actually, I’ve known you for quite some time. After all, Rize-san spoke excitedly of you, saying 『I found something amazing』! So, it left a deep impression in my memory.」

When I glanced over at Rize-san, she waved her hand slightly, with a gentle smile on her face.

「So, to take advantage of this miraculous opportunity, I sent Allen-san to Dagrio without telling you about the situation. If it was you, who beat『Prodigy』at the Sword King Festival and even won over the heart of Rize-san, then you can surely bring down Rain Glad – I acted with that conviction.」

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Listening to the explanation so far, Clown-san seems to have had various complications, too.

「As a result, thanks to Allen-san, Ben and the Senior Holy Knights were able to return alive without a single casualty. Combat and treatment of villagers in Lao village, solo defeat of Rain, interception of Red Drop – I have received many reports that you played the greatest active part. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.」

Clown-san, who concluded the story as such,

「I have no excuse for deceiving you three. I am sorry.」

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He made an earnest apology one last time, with sincerity.

「…I understand the situation.」

He trusted us to help Ben-san and others.

If that’s the case, I have no choice but to accept.

When I turned a sidelong glance towards Ria and Rose, they nodded.

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We seem to be of the same mind.

「Clown san. This time, let’s forgive and forget. However, please consult us in advance from now on. 」