Is it true that it is true online?

Is it true that it is true online?


"In the first place, it couldn't be helped even if Horikita were to be alienated at that point. And besides, just by having that as the topic of discussion on a chat where the person in question isn't even there, it's not like you took any actual actions. I won't judge someone based on something stupid like that".

Gossip is something every human voices universally. As long as one doesn't voice that in front of the person in question or take action in actuality, it won't become a significant problem. However, 'even if one gets gossiped about in return you can't complain about that', as long as you understand that aspect that is.

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"Yeah, really".

"But, you didn't have fun did you? You didn't laugh".

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"The reason I didn't laugh should I put it, I'm bad at laughing is why".

I followed up on that part I denied earlier. How much of this is conveyed to Satou, I honestly don't know. In all likelihood, she probably interpreted it as me saying this to console her. Truthfully, there are many ways to follow up on this. In regards to Karuizawa's questions during the day too, I'm confident I could have answered in a better way. However, I intentionally chose not to do so.

"She's not a partner I need to go that far for".

It was because I had made that judgement.

In that sense, the 'Did you not find it fun?' question from Satou would not necessarily be wrong either. I did find it fun as far as playing around goes, but it is certain that it was not the way Satou had been hoping for. It'll only be troublesome even if she likes me any further than this, I made such a decision.

"The reason I wasn't laughing, are you not convinced?".