Is it true that twisted is true?

Is it true that twisted is true?

“What is it?”

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“One of the events Class A chose was chess, right?”

After drinking a sip of water, I turned our conversation in a new direction.

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Because nobody in our class was particularly good at chess, the section on it in the notebook was understandably still blank.

“Yes. I haven’t put very much thought into it yet since I’ve personally never played the game myself. Out of everyone, the only person who even has a grasp of the rules is you, the commander. We’re probably going to have to follow your guidance about it.”

“About that, I’d like you to be the one to take part in it.”

“…Me? I get that we’ll need to have somebody practice for it, but… Why me? I wouldn’t be good at it at all and probably won’t be able to win.”

“Because I think you’re the most suitable person for me to teach.”

“So you’re saying it’d be easier for you to teach me because you wouldn’t have to interact with someone new?”

“I’d be lying if I said that wasn’t a part of it.”

“I can do it, but… there should be at least a few students who’d be willing to listen to you, right? And besides, I don’t mean to sound like I’m bragging or anything, but I think I’m a pretty good option for some of the other events too.”

Horikita was one of the more well-rounded students in the class.

Whether it be a written exam or a sporting event, I had no doubt that her results would be well above average.

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“Chess requires raw talent. There’s a time limit imposed on how much the commander can intervene. It doesn’t matter how confident Sakayanagi is at chess, it just isn’t enough time. I can’t imagine that she’ll make use of it at the beginning of the match. In which case, the key to winning would be playing the early stages of the game properly.”

If Horikita were to be overwhelmed at the beginning, it’d be extremely difficult for me to make a comeback.

“Your fascination with the chess event isn’t just because you know the rules, is it? You’ve predicted that Class A is going to choose it as one of their five events, haven’t you?”

“I’m almost certain of it. Don’t you think it’s strange how chess is the only event where the commander has so much influence?”

“That’s true. I felt like something was up with that as well… Alright. I’ll follow your discretion.”

Thankful that she readily agreed to my request, I went back to eating my meal.