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We heard a loud cough from the reception in the middle of our fight. Then, we realized how indecent this whole conservation is if the costume part is all the librarian had heard. We curled up and squatted down on the floor with our face as red as a tomato before silently apologizing to the librarian, even if she can’t see it. Wait, didn’t we just yell at each other? How coward are we?

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We were depressed, but then that made us calm enough to walk to the corner and begin proper conservation.

“So, what’s going on? I can’t believe you wish to speak to me in person.”

“Eh? Ehm, so, well…”

Chiaki looked away from me with a blush on her face, why is she feeling embarrassed when she is the one who invited me?

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“What’s wrong? Oh, do you want to talk about how you should develop your game?”

“N-No, i-it’s not about that. It’s about relationships…”

“Ah, so is it about Tendou-san and me? Wait, why are you interested? You have nothing to do this…”

“I DO!”


Chiaki rushed in front of me. Her face is so close to mine that my heart is pounding quicker than before. N-No, wait! I will freak out even if someone was that close to my face no matter who he/she is. S-So, I am definitely not falling for Chiaki. Still, we blushed and distanced ourselves. Why is this so embarrassing?

Chiaki cleared her throat, and then she went straight into the crux.

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“Keita, did you understand what all of this means to you?”

“Eh? Of course, I’ve been there.”

Even though I’m not sure what Chiaki is trying to say, but I don’t want her to tease at me. So I gave her a powerful glare while I nodded. Then, she mumbled to herself: “I guess so…” before continuing.