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He was rejected?

Boss Pei had already given him money, but he was not even willing to meet him for five minutes? What was going on?

What was Boss Pei’s attitude towards Cold-Faced Lady now?

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“Boss He, can we really not fight for it?” Meng Chang refused to give up.

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He Desheng sighed, shook his head, and said, “Boss Pei has always been a man of his word. No one can dissuade him when he has thought of something. If he says he won’t see me, then he won’t. It would only backfire if I ask him again. Go back.”

Meng Chang opened his mouth but hesitated.

He was very indignant, but there was nothing he could do. He could only turn around and leave silently.

He Desheng picked up all the expensive gifts that Meng Chang brought and handed them back. “There’s no need for these gifts. Boss Pei won’t accept them.”

Meng Chang wanted to reject him but he had no choice but to take it back seeing how determined He Desheng was.

Meng Chang held his gift and felt very lost after leaving Dream Realization Ventures.

The tiny spark of hope that had just risen was extinguished by Boss Pei’s rejection.

For some reason, Meng Chang suddenly felt like he had met a scumbag.

What did Boss Pei mean?

He invested and then divested; Invested and then divested...

The key was that they could never predict what Boss Pei’s next move would be. When he predicted that he would continue investing, he suddenly sold his shares at a low price. When he predicted that he would not invest again, he inexplicably sent two million yuan to him.

There was no clean break like an old PUA[1.Abbreviated for ‘Pickup Artist’].