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The students still seemed to be a little out of it since spring break had only just ended. Friends who hadn’t met up with each other over the break began excitedly talking about all sorts of things like what they had been doing over the holidays.

I was leisurely surfing the internet on my phone when I heard a voice call out to me.

It was my classmate Miyake Akito, a member of a small group I had become good friends with.

“I’ve been a little worried about you cuz you didn’t really hang out with the group all that much over spring break.”

What Akito said was true. I hadn’t interacted with the Ayanokōji group over the break almost at all.

Or rather, I had been so occupied with other matters that I ended up neglecting them.

“Don’t get me wrong, there’s no rule stating you’ve gotta hang out with us, but even Haruka was kinda worried, and on top of that, Airi really seemed like she was thinking about you a lot.”

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Akito was essentially advising me to keep the feelings of the girls in our group in mind.

“My bad. I’ll hang out with you guys more often moving forward.”

“That sounds good to me. I was feeling pretty lonely without you too, you know.”

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I felt sorta uneasy hearing a friend tell me something like that, but it wasn’t exactly a bad feeling.

It didn’t seem like Akito planned on staying for very long, as he casually raised his hand and went back to his own seat.

As he did, I found myself thinking about how I had found myself a truly good friend.