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Pei Qian really did not want to take in any more seniors. He would not be able to take it! He would consider killing himself if another Zhongdian Chinese Network popped out of nowhere!

Zhongdian Chinese Network was not earning much at the moment, but it was still a burden nonetheless. Boss Pei did not want to add on to his burdens.

Yet, he could not possibly turn Teacher Zhang down as well. After all, he was right. From various angles, this was a win-win situation for the school, himself, and his business. How could Pei Qian turn him down…?

All of a sudden, he recalled the recruitment examinations he had set earlier. An idea surfaced in his head.

“Teacher Zhang, this is the current situation.

“You know that Tengda has been thrown into the spotlight recently due to many unforeseen circumstances. The company has just laid down a new regulated system for recruitment. We now have to put all applicants through several examinations before we shortlist them based on their results.

“I can’t possibly make exceptions for myself immediately after setting this system up, don’t you think?”

“…I see. That’s a pity, then,” answered Zhang Wei.

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“Alright, since there’s a new system in place, I shall not force you. I’ll inform my students who are in their final year to prepare for your company’s recruitment examinations in advance.”

At that moment, Pei Qian thought about something else. “Oh, right! Teacher Zhang, although I can’t recruit them directly, I can help the school in other ways. “Firstly, I would appreciate it if a few seniors studying for postgraduate degrees would help me mark the recruitment examinations in time to come. I’ll give them an allowance for sure.”

Zhang Wei answered, “That’ll be easy to arrange. In any case, the school assigns students doing post-graduate studies to mark both college entrance examinations and government officials’ recruitment tests as well.

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“They can help your company to mark examinations during staggered periods. I’ll speak to the head of the university to arrange this. There shouldn’t be a problem.”

Pei Qian spoke again. “I also want to donate a sum of money to needy students in school.” Zhang Wei replied, “Of course, that’ll be great! How do you plan to do that though? Do you want to refer to the school’s list of needy students?”