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In such an environment, it is difficult to exert the usual keen sense.

(And the best part is the steam which constantly rises from the hot spring.)

This obscures the air gap, which allowed me to prepare a considerable number of slashes.

(Did that get them?)

My “storm of slashes” was suddenly torn apart from the inside by the maximum number of slashes.

「Fuu, that really scared me. You pretended to stall for time, and were preparing this hidden attack, huh… You’re a really alert man, aren’t you, Allen?」Sebas-san said.

「You hid slashes in the space, huh… It was a splendid attack that made full use of the special environment of the bathhouse! If there had been “thirty” more slashes, it might have been my defeat. What a cunning way of fighting for a young blood!」Bacchus-san said.

Both their bodies were engraved with a number of shallow wounds.

However, the two mops held in their hands were still intact.

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(Damn, I failed to finish them off.)

Unfortunately, Hazy Moon was broken just before it could defeat them.

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(I don’t have any more hidden cards.)

After this, I have no choice but to endure both of their onslaught and pursue the “time out” winning condition.