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However, Qiao Liang changed his mind. Boss Ma was an investment wizard after all; Boss Pei might have given him some advice too so perhaps there were some deeper considerations?

Were there any special considerations for live-streaming GOG tomorrow?

He was actually quite excited about that.

Qiao Liang himself was not eligible to participate because he had too many fans, but he still followed Boss Ma and prepared to continue to pay attention to the development of the situation.

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Pei Qian’s eyes scanned through every single word in the second half of the report.

Once he finished reading, Pei Qian blinked rather slowly. He looked out of the window and then carefully read the report again from cover to cover.

According to the report, all of this was… Lin Wan’s fault!

It looked like Huang Sibo could not escape liability as well!

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However, it was hard to say which one of them should be blamed.

Huang Sibo had no plans to market or publicize Ocean Stronghold. He only thought that since Ocean Stronghold was published, he had to quickly plan the next phase of researching and developing. That was why he got a few lab-rat gamers to test the game out; he wanted to gather their feedback.

In the end, because there were far too few gamers on Ocean Stronghold, Huang Sibo had no choice but to ask a member of the design team to help.

As for Lin Wan, she just happened to be put in charge of a few influential FPS gamers back when she worked for Sun Strike Studios!

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Thus, Lin Wan introduced Ocean Stronghold to those people and asked them to give it a try. Due to its excellent gaming quality, Ocean Stronghold became extremely popular among these groups of people. Its story mode, in particular, garnered high praise!

Chen Sha and the others quickly came to appreciate what they found repulsive previously, too. For the 888-yuan Red Kilin, they began to introduce the game to others!

In the beginning, Chen Sha really could not be bothered by the Red Kilin. He thought that it was an unnecessary accessory that would only catch ballers’ eyes. He was an elite gamer who played full-time; he had no need for it at all.

However, once he got it, he realized what he had been missing the entire time! It was a unique weapon; this had nothing to do with stats and everything to do with pride! There were so many people in a single room. The moment he whipped his Red Kilin out, many people surrounded him and worshiped him!