What is the most popular online now?

What is the most popular online now?

He switched over from the game industry. He had always felt that his foundation was weak in the process of making the movie. There were many things he did not understand. He had been busy helping Director Zhu Xiaoce out previously so he did not have the time to learn and be familiar.

He could finally make up for his shortcomings now! He was actually a little moved.

Huang Sibo received a message while he was feeling excited. “Eh? Payment has arrived!”

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Pei Qian yawned in the office, ready to get off from work. Pei Qian felt that his pressure to lose money had lowered quite a bit after his arrangement for Rui Yuchen and Fish-Catching Take-Out.

He was about to leave his office when he received a message from Huang Sibo: “Boss Pei, the payment for the movie has arrived!”

Pei Qian’s heart nearly dropped.

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He might have given Fei Huang Workspace Shock Therapy, but the payment for the movie box office was not resolved!

Another 70 million yuan were added to the company’s account in that instant.

Pei Qian felt the burden on his shoulders becoming heavy once again.

This Fei Huang Workspace only knew how to make trouble for me!

Pei Qian felt pissed off even though he knew this amount of funds would arrive in his account. It was three days early. He pretended not to see it and put his cell phone back into his pocket.

“D*mn Huang Sibo. Nothing good comes out of him coming for me! I’m going to ignore him. Hmph, fortunately, I’ve already made arrangements for this amount of money.

“Otherwise, I’ll really suffer.”