Internet micro-profit

Internet micro-profit

“If you say you’re going to throw it away, then I’ll throw away my way of thinking up until now too. If you seriously aim for Class A, then I won’t hold back any longer.”

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“…Is that so?”

With these words, what about Chabashira would and wouldn’t change? That remained to be seen at the moment…

“When you’re ready to look forward, the class will start to change for real.”

“…That’s right.”

Looking up at the high ceiling, Chabashira closed both of her eyes. It seemed certain that a deep shadow was cast in her heart.

I should just walk away, but for some reason I felt a little different than usual at this moment.

My assessment of Chabashira as a homeroom teacher remained low. However, when looking at her as a person, my assessment was starting to change, although only slightly. She was much more fragile than I thought, a woman who seemed to have grown up only in appearance.

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I sat down on the chair and opened the keyboard lid.

“…What are you doing? Don’t tell me you can play the piano?”

Without answering any of her questions, I ran my fingertips over the keys and started to play a tune.

As the performance came to an end, Chabashira applauded uncharacteristically.

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“I’m not well versed in music, but that was magnificent. Even if I practiced, I surely wouldn’t be able to play at that level in this lifetime. If I’m not mistaken, the piece was───”

And then, in the silent the concert hall, there was a sound slightly behind me.

Chabashira stood up and turned around in a hurry.

The one who revealed himself from within the darkness was a smiling Tsukishiro.

“Beethoven, Für Elise, right? Even though the piece itself is not very difficult, to play it so perfectly shows magnificent skill. It’s a shame that it was only me and Chabashira-sensei watching. However, it’s forbidden for students to go out carelessly at this hour. You know there are penalties for easily breaking the rules, don’t you?”