Is it true that playing games can be made?

Is it true that playing games can be made?

“Are you going out with this girl?”

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“Certainly not. I’m not going to go out with anyone right now.”

He decisively asserted his stance on the matter.

“Is there someone you like already or something?”

I could understand where he was coming from if he only had eyes for the one his heart was set on.

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“Dating someone… is just too much for me right now. I’m unqualified.”

“If that’s how it is for you, then it must be nothing more than a pipe dream for someone like me.”

In the first place, when it comes to falling in love, there’s no need for qualifications.

“I’m just not fit for love.”

The more capable the person, the more humble they are.

The less capable the person, the more arrogant they are.

Ultimately, our conversation ended without either of us delving too much deeper.

(Part 6 End)

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“Sorry for calling you out so late, Ichinose.”

That night, at a bit past eleven, I invited Ichinose over to my room.

It wouldn’t have been unusual for her to be on her guard and turn the offer down, but she didn’t seem to have any issues with it.

“It’s totally fine! Though, it’s quite rare for you to reach out to me like this.”

“It’s because I really wanted to talk to you. For the time being, if it’s alright with you, feel free to take a seat on the bed. The floor might be a bit cold.”

After expressing her gratitude, Ichinose sat down on the bed.