Is it true if I add a WeChat?

Is it true if I add a WeChat?

“Of course, though I say I condone it, that doesn’t mean I endorse it. I’m simply looking past the occasional dispute. The school will still mercilessly intervene in matters it deems severe enough. With the school’s rules in mind, acts such as looting or using another student’s belongings without express consent will never go unpunished. In some cases, students will face immediate retirement, while in others, expulsion may not be off the table.”

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In short, although we were free, he was by no means granting us the freedom to do whatever we wanted.

The Acting Director’s personal warning had probably put the students on-edge all over again.

However, his warning could also be taken as a challenge to me at the same time.

“This is all I have for you. I hope you all conduct yourselves in a manner befitting students of our Advanced Nurturing High School.”

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With his brief speech finished, Tsukishiro returned the microphone to Mashima-sensei.

“Thank you very much, Acting Director Tsukishiro. As the final part of today’s briefing, I’d like to take a moment to talk about the food, tools, and other things you’ll need during your time on the island. I’ll start out by explaining the special type of points you’ll need to make purchases while on the island.”

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Microphone in hand, Mashima-sensei instructed several staff members to push a huge cart out on stage, filled with all sorts of different goods and provisions.

“Everybody will be given a base of 5000 points. You’re free to use them to buy whatever you’d like from what you see up here. And, students who have a ‘Head Start’ card will receive an additional 2500 points on top of that.”

As he spoke, staff began distributing a thick manual to the audience, starting from the front row.

It seemed to be a catalog detailing the goods available for purchase this time around.

Offering such a large amount of merchandise would call for quite a lot of funding. At a cursory glance, there were products from both major manufacturers and ones I had never heard of before, all seemingly provided to the school under the terms of some sort of sponsorship. As the school was under the direct control of the government, it followed that this exam might double as some form of manufacturer’s test.

“All of the products up for sale are listed in the Uninhabited Island Survival Manual being distributed to you right now. You can discuss amongst your group about what you want to buy, or just decide on your own, the choice is up to you. Purchases can be made from now until 6:00 AM tomorrow, but you can also choose to save some points for later. You’ll be allowed to make additional purchases at a shop located at the port in the starting area. However, making purchases on the island will cost twice as much, so please keep that in mind.”