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Ichinose responded, affirming my answer.

[I know it’s stupid of me, it’s just… I kept trying to convince myself that it would’ve been a small price to pay as long as I saved my classmates. But… once I realized that I didn’t have to go through with it, I felt relieved from the bottom of my heart.]

She seemed to let out a deep sigh of relief as I could hear the sound of it from the other end of the phone.

[I think I definitely would have regretted it at some point.]

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With that, Ichinose let out a laugh.

“If neither the student council president or I were here, what would you have done instead?”

[…Do you have to ask that?]

“I’m curious. There’s no way you haven’t thought about it, right?”

[Yeah, I had two plans. The first was that I would leave the school myself.]

As I had thought, Ichinose had also considered sacrificing herself.

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[But, I didn’t really think that would be the choice to make. As a student of this school, I wanted to stay and fight to the bitter end.]

In which case, that would mean her other plan would’ve been her first choice.