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I denied it because I honestly enjoyed it, but for some reason it didn't seem to have been conveyed to Satou.


"Why did you think something like that?".

Since I did not understand the reasoning, I tried asking.

"I mean, today Ayanokouji-kun didn't even laugh once........".

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"I didn't laugh, huh?".

Before I could give her an explanation regarding that, Satou continued speaking.

"I thought I would be able to see a smile from you at least once, but".

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It seems Satou, even when she was together with me, was worried about such a thing.

In regards to the contents of the double date, I truly have no complaints though. As I pondered over how to explain that to her, Satou opened her mouth heavily.

"After all, does the fact that I said let's bully Horikita-san a while ago......have something to do with this?".

She had anxious eyes. And a face that seemed like it was about to cry.

"Speaking of which, something like that did happen, huh?".

Soon after our enrollment, Horikita became isolated and she had a strong tendency to mock her classmates. That sort of thing was obvious and could not be helped, but Satou too, did not hold any goodwill towards Horikita and that is also a fact.

As a matter of fact, she had proposed once in our group chat to bully Horikita. I had knocked down that proposal but it seems the person in question herself has remembered that.

"I don't care about that. Or more like, up until now, I had almost forgotten that happened".


"In the first place, it couldn't be helped even if Horikita were to be alienated at that point. And besides, just by having that as the topic of discussion on a chat where the person in question isn't even there, it's not like you took any actual actions. I won't judge someone based on something stupid like that".