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“Then I’ll take my leave.”

Having almost reached the school building, Nanase bowed her head and left.

In front of him, the screen was still black. Far away, Li Shi was still walking.

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Pei Qian had a feeling that he had been abandoned by this world.

It was easy to predict what was going to happen next in this plot planner. Fish-Catching Internet Cafe would become extremely popular!

Popular television programs like this were extremely influential. It could be likened to food programs recommending certain delicacies; the delicacy would be sold by chain stores all around the country in a short period.

Of course, things were not that bad. After all, the business model of Fish-Catching Internet Cafe was quite different from restaurants.

No matter where restaurants were opened, they sold the same types of food. It did not make much of a difference which branch one went to. However, Chen Lei was only referring to one Fish-Catching Internet Cafe.

Many of Chen Lei’s fans would come here to try and get closer to him. They would want to come to the ‘little internet cafe’ where Chen Lei once worked just to take a look. However, to them, the rest of the Fish-Catching Internet Cafe would not look as attractive.

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The Beatles had a similar story. They started out as resident singers in a small bar. Until now, that bar was a famous tourist attraction. However, the other bars in the same street did not receive the same treatment.

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For fans who were interested in chasing their idols, only the Fish-Catching Internet Cafe’s flagship store would have a pilgrimage-like value. There was no need for them to visit the other Fish-Catching Internet Cafe.

Thus, the worst-case scenario that Pei Qian was facing was that the flagship store’s income would expand rapidly. The other Fish-Catching Internet Cafe branches would not face that big of a problem for now.

However, the expansion of this flagship store’s income was enough bad news for Pei Qian!

That was because the week had not ended. If Chen Lei returned to the flagship store to sing, who knew how much money he would receive in alcohol tips in these last three days?!