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「One of the Five Wealthy Merchants and the boss of Fox Finance, the infamous “Bloody Fox” Rize Dorahain. The leaders of the four great powers, except Tenshi-sama, unanimously named her.」


That kind-hearted person… is the traitor?

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(That’s definitely not possible.)

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Around August last year. When Ria was kidnapped by Zack Bomber and Thor Sammons, Rize-san was willing to give us the location information of their laboratory.

(Not only that… She saved us the first time we met at the Daido Comercial Festival in Orest.)

When the bomb set by the Black Organization was triggered, it was none other than Rize-san who used the power of her soul dress to extinguish the big explosion.

If she hadn’t used her abilities… I, Ria, and Rose would have been seriously injured and the city of Drestia would have suffered tremendous damage.

(And you’re telling me that Rize-san is a traitor?)

It’s too bad even for a joke.

As I was gritting my teeth hard,

「H-Hey, stop! Calm down, Allen-kun! Ridiculously evil-natured darkness is leaking out from your body. You’re scaring me a little…」

The president stepped a few steps back with a tense smile.