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『Do you want to rest?』

“Hah~!? Let’s... go.”

『I see...』

Even though he collapses, even as he weakens, he will still stand back up immediately.

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When it comes to this point, it can be said to be an obsession already beyond tenacity.

And, only one thing puzzled me.

He has fallen into an extreme state, the child has also become irritable, and his spirit is gradually collapsing.

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However, even though he fell into this situation, he complains, but he never shows weakness.

Normally, it would not be strange to utter, “no more”, “I can’t do it “, and “I want to stop”.

Nevertheless, he is silently doing what he ought to do.

“Ah, u... uooaaaaaaaaaahh!!”

Such desperation is not founded merely on self-reflection.

Tis not simply the desire for strength.

「Water, water, drink water, damn, I’m going crazy! I don’t know what’s going on! Damn it, shit!」

I can feel the child’s inner cries as he shadows himself.

Yes, he can drink, for the child that much is true.

Certainly I am by his side.

I shall reprimand him.

However, even though I can exchange words with the child, I cannot directly touch him.