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It was an arrangement that would be concluded with the provision of private points.

As long as neither of us betrays the other, she would receive a continuous supply of private points.

These conditions were definitely not bad for her.

“…I see.”

After considering it for a bit, Kushida came to a conclusion.

“Alright, I’m on board. The strict condition is that I don’t antagonize Ayanokōji-kun, is that all? Don’t you want to add some kind of guarantee for Horikita-san as well?”

“I’m not that greedy. It would be troublesome if I were to also ask for Horikita’s protection and negotiations were to break down.”

“Those are immensely attractive conditions aren’t they?”

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“If you’re worried about making a verbal agreement, would you rather I provide you with something in writing?”

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“No, that won’t be necessary.”

Kushida reached into her pocket… and took out a voice recorder.

Two recordings. She had been recording with not only her cell phone, but with a backup recorder as well.

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“I have all the evidence I need right here. If you betray me at all… you know what will happen, yes?”


If I were to break our agreement, in the worst case, she could bring this conversation to the attention of the school.