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At my confirmation, Hashimoto-kun hid the two pieces in each hand and held them out to me, prompting me to choose.


Hashimoto-kun opened his left palm, revealing the white pawn.

In other words, I had the first-move advantage.

“I’m excited to see what your first move will be.”

“I’m not sure if it’ll meet your expectations.”

I picked up a pawn. As the first time I had ever physically touched a chess piece, it felt nice and cold.

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And just like that, the seventh event, a battle between Hashimoto-kun and myself, officially began.

My first move── Pawn to E4.

As the first piece moved upon the chessboard, the smile on Hashimoto-kun’s face faded away.

And then, he made his responding move, Pawn to E5.

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I quickly went to move my knight, aiming to take his black pawn.

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Throughout all the matches I’ve played against Ayanokōji-kun, this was the methodology I had the most confidence in.

In order to protect the black pawn, your opponent would have to play reactively, allowing you to take control of the flow of the match.

“I’ve learned a lot from Sakayanagi myself. Did you really think I’m just gonna let you put black at a disadvantage right from the start?”

From the opening, we each made our moves without thinking too extensively about them.

I had one hour, but because Ayanokōji-kun was going to be using 30 minutes of that, I really only had 30 minutes.

I couldn’t afford to waste my time overanalyzing the opening moves.

As the match went on, I noticed something. That is, he seemed to be refusing to play defensively.