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“Anyway, I don’t think she should interfere with his training.”

“That’s true, but...”

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However, Mr. Machio was also defeated.

Somehow, rather than an older sister, she’s more like a mature lady scolding a father for spoiling his selfish daughter...

“””””Get married””””””

At that moment, when the voices of me and Mortriage’s group overlapped as we muttered loudly.

“Amae, I’ll take you on my shoulders.”

“No. Uncle, slow.”

“Nu... uh...”

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“With him, feuuuuw~, then whish whosh, and bonce jump, then go round and round and like zig zag! It’s fun! I like him!”

And even though Mr. Machio was being considerate, the selfish girl wouldn’t listen, and finally clung to my leg... Hey, when did we get along this far?

『...... My oh my...... are you not popular, child.』

「No. Although, when I was in the Empire, I was so unwelcome, but lately I’m doing well... is this my popular phase?」



『...... never mind.』