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It’s night, but it wasn’t dark. Streetlights lit by fire lined the streets, and an aristocratic troupe, dressed up in the street, went hither and thither in “queer masks”.

Various butterflies, crescent-shaped faces, and so on... Is it a masquerade? No, they’re playing incognito?

What’s more, other young people who have their true faces exposed...... people dressed in the same Kamikaze Gang clothes as Bro and others, walked around the town as if they were guards.

“What... the heck......?”

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『I overheard a brief conversation at the bar during the day.... The word ‘Auction’...... was mentioned.』


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An auction at Cantidan? Well, it wouldn’t be strange to hear that, but...... still......

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『Perhaps tis not merely an auction. Well, as the wealthy seem to be hiding their faces...... I can imagine...』

“What the hell is that... What kind of auction is it?”

『...... Still within the realm of possibility. You will never know unless you actually go out into town.』

It sounded like he was saying “See with your own eyes” even though what Tre’ainar said made it sound like he understood the general circumstances.

『In the daytime, the mafia had been destroyed, and now the town seems to be run by the hoodlum in the daytime ... but they do not live in a haze. They must have means for an income... That is the night of this town. I fear tis likely, they might have coalition with the mafia, to offer assistance as it is.... Well, even so...』

“You want me to see it in person and find out?”

『Huh, I suppose.』

I just woke up and my head hurts a little, but I still cannot afford to rest in my room until morning.

I’ve slept quite a while, so I’m not sleepy at all....

“Hah~, right. Let’s just take a quick look around the town, shall we? What is the difference between day and night...?”

As Tre’ainar said, let’s go out and see with our own eyes.

I put on my folded clothes and prepare to go out.