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But this time, I won’t accept that answer.

For some reason, I’m bothered by his nature. It wouldn’t hurt to accept my invitation once in a while.

“Why? Amano-kun, do you hate me?”

With upturned eyes, I asked him a question with slightly malicious intent. Amano-kun’s face turned red and immediately denied it with all his power.

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“It’s not like that!”


I was the one who brought up the question, but I didn’t expect him to deny it so fiercely with such an angry look. I stared at him blankly… and for some reason, my cheeks became hot in embarrassment.

Amano-kun took back his words in a panic.

“Ah, no, that’s because, it’s not good when you walk with me. Like before, strange rumors will pop up.”

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He’s probably talking about the time I invited him to the Gamers Club when he said “before”. Since I don’t talk to boys very often, it certainly became a rumor back then. But such an issue is trivial to me. Even though I’ve refused every single one, I have been confessed to by many boys, so I’m no longer surprised by the strange rumors that pop up from the gossip around school. So, even if rumors pop up that I was walking around with Amano-kun, I’m not particularly…

“Tendo-san? W-what’s wrong? Your face is red for some reason…”

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“No, i-it’s nothing. It’s nothing, yea.”

“? Really?”

Amano-kun looked at me in worry. Unable to take his gaze, my cheeks flushed red and I averted my eyes.

“(R-really, why am I like this? Why now…)”

I don’t understand why I feel so disturbed. While I was thinking to myself, Amano-kun apologetically lowered his head, looking like he misunderstood something once again.

“Uh, well, it’s something like that, so please excuse me for today—”