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Make money on the Internet 14 years old

On the way, Amano-kun asked me a question while feeling wary of the gazes of the people around us.

“Tendo-san, do you like playing arcade games?”

“Eh? Oh… well, for me, the ratio of playing games at home to at an arcade is about 7 to 3. Oiso-senpai and Misumi-kun like playing arcade games more. On the other hand, Kase-senpai seems to only play online FPS games.”

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“Oh, I see.”

“How about you, Amano-kun?”

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When I asked him a question in reply, Amano-kun smiled wryly.

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“Not at all. I even used to dislike it a lot…”

Somehow, I understand him. People who play games at homes and go to the arcade to play are considerably different. Especially for someone like Amano-kun, who doesn’t have many friends and is the type to stay alone, it’s not surprising that he doesn’t like arcade games as much. But the thing that got me was…

“‘Used to’? You used to dislike it a lot…”

“Oh, yea. Lately, I’ve had the chance to play with other people, so I’ve been having a lot of fun with a lot of arcade games.”


My heart thumped loudly when he said that. …Amano-kun… at the arcade with someone else? Ah, speaking of which, I’ve seen him with Uehara-kun before… him, right? Yea. Right. It’s him, yea. I should make sure…

“…U-um, Amano-kun? It’s only for reference, but, um, who did you play with—”