Teacher online earning software sea breeze

Teacher online earning software sea breeze

Also, ‘I think that, given Boss Pei’s awareness of risk and Tengda’s defense against risk, Tengda Corporation would make an excellent working partner!’

Professor Bai was a great economist. He said that Tengda’s model was very stable and healthy, and it would be a good partner. Was there anything to doubt?

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Therefore, these companies came to seek cooperation!

Pei Qian sighed slightly. The situation took its own course regardless of his wishes.

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Was it so difficult for Tengda to keep a low profile?

Pei Qian was confused, looking through the brief introduction materials of these companies.

He did not understand.

There was real and fake information, which were difficult to distinguish. Moreover, even if they were true, they would be exaggerated. Using these data to judge which one would lose money and which would make money was beyond Boss Pei’s ability.

Would he definitely lose money by choosing companies that seemed particularly outrageous?

Pei Qian has already suffered a lot from shared phone booths and Fully-Automated Bickering Machine projects, and he really did not have this confidence.

What if he judged by the size of the company?

If a large company could develop, the chance of losing money was inherently small. If they were to cooperate with Tengda and garnered attention, the chance would be even smaller...

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Small companies were more likely to fail, but once they make money, they would get more rewards than large companies...

The loss from ten small companies could be returned by the success of one small company.

So difficult!

Pei Qian found that Dream Venture Capital had become a bit of a hot potato. It was mainly because of several successful investments. It had become a bit overly deified. Coupled with the publicity of the TV show, too many companies were now seeking investment... which made it difficult to identify which ones are reliable and which ones were not.