What make money online project

What make money online project

Cui Geng was naturally unhappy when he heard about the fixed-rate contract.

I am a top author who is not in need of money. I have my own goals in writing novels!

At the moment, the online literature industry had developed for a certain period of time. Fixed-rate Contracts and Royalty Contracts had been around for some time.

The authors had long come to a consensus: Apart from a very small number of authors who could continue to write well and achieve a win-win situation, most authors who wrote well either lost or were in a bad state.

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The authors with fixed-rate contracts might have written some explosive works but the fixed-rate contract meant that other than the fixed royalties, all the profits had nothing to do with him. It was a very bad loss to the authors. On the other hand, in order not to lose money, some authors did not use 100%!o(MISSING)f their ability to write. In the end, they became less and less able to keep up with the trends. The storyline collapsed and they became useless. No one would read them even if they were to go back to the royalties contract.

Therefore, Cui Geng’s first reaction when he heard that he was invited to a fixed-rate contract was to reject it.

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However, Cui Geng realized that Zhongdian Chinese Network’s fixed-rate contracts were very different from other websites’ after Zhu Xingan’s explanation. They were completely different.

The biggest difference was that the word count was low and the price was high!

Take Cui Geng for example. The other websites would only be able to pay a little higher than his current royalties if they were to poach him. Cui Geng was already the top author of Zhongdian Chinese Network after all. His royalties were already very high. There was not much room for improvement beyond that. It would be too risky for the other websites if they tried to poach him. The loss outweighed the gain.

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However, Zhongdian Chinese Network had requested for the works to be between 100,000 and 500,000 words. It could not exceed 500,000 words. What’s more, the 1,000 words royalties that Zhongdian Chinese Network offered were three times more than his original royalties!

What’s more, he would be given priority to experience the ‘inspiration class’ after adopting this fixed-rate contract.

Cui Geng did not know what the “inspiration class” was exactly but the “study class” had an immediate effect on his creation. It had helped him evolve from a glutton to a serious author who could finish the book normally and write new ideas.

Could this “inspiration class” save his exhausted inspiration?

Cui Geng was very curious.

Cui Geng came to Jingzhou again out of mixed feelings.

Soon, the taxi arrived at its destination.

The “inspiration class” this time was on the same office building as the original “study class” but on different floors.