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Summer holiday online part-time money

“Here, we don’t have to worry about the risks of life. We don’t have to worry about screening the raw materials ourselves, nor do we have to worry about being misunderstood. We just have to seriously make good snacks to satisfy customers’ taste.”

“We can receive respect for living, we can feel that the future is optimistic and filled with hope, we can also see that the snack stalls will not perish, but will integrate into modern urban life in a more advanced and civilized manner, becoming a part of urban food culture.”

“I think this is what Boss Pei wants to convey through the snack market!”

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Zhang Yahui had been thinking about Boss Pei’s deeper intentions ever since he came to the snack market.

During the preparation process, these thoughts slowly surfaced in the exchange with the other vendors.

Obviously, Boss Pei did not launch the snack market to earn money.

This might be to create a huge food and beverage empire just as Rui Yuchen had analyzed. It would allow the snack market, cold-faced lady, and the documentary ‘Stalls’ to create a snack and beverage brand.

However, Zhang Yahui firmly believed that there must be another humanitarian factor in it apart from the commercial goal.

This humanistic factor was to preserve and display the outstanding snack culture. It was to properly regulate and guide the local snacks so that they could successfully survive, develop, and grow. Finally, they would integrate into people’s lives, so that this smoke and fire could continue to burn in the big city that was becoming colder and colder.

In the face of the interview, Zhang Yahui expressed his feelings one by one. He spoke about the hardships and emotions he had experienced as a vendor for so many years.

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Zhang Lixian’s eyes lit up.

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Look, look! That’s great!