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As we walked for a while, we came upon a huge, black, solemn door.

On both sides of the door stood two jailers. They saluted quietly.

「Please wait a minute.」Clown-san said, and unlocked the doors.

A padlock, a latch, a numbered cylinder lock, and a very ordinary lock; when all the locks were unlocked, the door opened slowly, with an eerie sound.

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「And that’s that… It’s a little dark inside, so be careful where you step.」

He gave a word of caution and went down the spiral staircase behind the door.

We followed after him.

(…It’s certainly dark.)

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The lighting embedded in the wall gave off a faint light. The brightness was just enough to see where you’re walking.

Moreover, the width of the stairways was narrow. Only two people could walk at the same time.

While our footsteps echoed,

「Hey, Allen-san… Did you know? This is where they get out.」

Clown-san brought up a subject.

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「”Get out”?」