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How to make money from online 17C

There were many big bosses in the local game industry, and so Jiang Fan could not figure out who this one was. Still, he only had respect for him.

Qiu Hong stood up. “If you have no other questions, I’ll go back and prepare the contract. Once it’s signed, we’ll transfer the funds at once.”

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Everyone at Cherry Workspace stood up. “Alright, Boss Qiu. We’ll do a good job of the Survival Guide for Working Adults!”

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Qiu Hong smiled and nodded... and then left Cherry Workspace.

For some reason, he had an amazing feeling.

What he was doing now seemed much more meaningful than everything that he had been doing for the past few years combined.

Seeing those young people in Cherry Workspace reminded Qiu Hong of himself many years ago.

He had also been filled with drive and dreams.

Yet, those young people were much luckier than he had been.

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If he had had the help of something like the Destitution Plan back then, would he have persisted in the field of standalone games?

Feeling emotional, Qiu Hong headed towards the next game workspace that he had to inspect.

October 24th, Monday...

The Manage Loss Trainees meeting was held as scheduled last Saturday.

However, there was nothing worth talking about.

That was because the cycle had just started, and the various departments were just getting started on their projects. What’s more, everyone was sticking quite closely to Boss Pei’s instructions, and so they could not find any signs of generating profits.

Even if there were or if various departments worked together for a combined event, Pei Qian would only see them in the last month of the cycle.

Thus, Pei Qian could relax considerably for now.

Of course, even then, the Manage Loss Trainees meeting proceeded as usual. He could not afford to be careless.

Today was Monday, and so Pei Qian prepared to head to DGE Club for a visit.