Is it true that the mobile phone WeChat online is true?

Is it true that the mobile phone WeChat online is true?

“Where did you hear Horikita’s name from? At that time, she hadn’t told her name to anybody. The only one who knew was Sudou, but I doubt you met Sudou then.”

In other words, she shouldn’t have had the chance to learn her name.

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“Also, you probably got close to me so you could keep tabs on her, right?”

“Just shut up. I’m getting irritated from listening to you talk. I only want to say one thing. Do you swear that you won’t say a word of what you learned here?”

“I promise. Even if I told anyone, no one would believe me, right?”

Kushida is really trusted by the class. A difference of heaven and earth between us.

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“… Ok. I believe you.”

Although she didn’t change her expression, Kushida closed her eyes and exhaled deeply.

“Is there anyone that would even believe me?”

I accidently blurted out those words.

“Horikita-san’s kind of unusual, right?”

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“Well, I’d say she’s really unusual.”

“She’s not affected by anyone, nor does she involve herself with other people. The exact opposite of me.”

Kushida and Horikita are really two opposite poles.

“You know, she only opens herself up to you.”

“Wait. Let me make a quick revision. She doesn’t open herself up. Absolutely not.”

“… Probably. Even so, she trusts you the most. Out of everyone I know, she has the most confidence in herself and the most wariness towards others. She wouldn’t trust anyone who’s worthless and stupid.”

“You’re saying she has a good eye for people, right?”

“That’s the reason I said I believed you. After all, you’re pretty apathetic towards others, right?”