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“Yes. Maybe he’s not entirely at the academy level anymore.”

Of course, the emperor, father, and mother have an eye-opening impression.

And then Rebal draws a lottery...

“Yes... Number two.”

“Rebal Janyne, Number 2! It will be the first match of the first round!”

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“”””So sudden! Rebal Kitaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!””””

Rebal drew the No.02 ball and got the first match.

Well, Rebal is the first match of the first round.

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“Next, Earth Lagann!!”

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Then I......

“Oh, the second generation of the Great Hero, Hiro has come!”

“He might be inferior to his father and mother, but he’s also talented.”

“Ah. Will he be the dark horse this time?”

“Little man!”

My name is called, but far from cheers Rebal received.

No wonder. My talent and so on, has been known in the Imperial city for a long time! Right now they don’t expect much from me.

Rather, it elevates the genius of the Princess, Rebal, and Fu.

But I......