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"You can not touch me."

He said, nailing it ahead of time. However, Kouenji continued after Mikitani.

“I have no intention of showing mercy to those who prevent me from moving forward, much less turning against me.”

Mikitani's expression froze for a moment as Kouenji replied that he was willing to resort to violence.

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“What if we report it to the school?"

"What's going to happen, or is it just going to be a stain on the name of the third year students who tried to sink a lone kouhai?"

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“I don't need to confirm that Mikitani's watch is working properly. Otherwise, they

would not have been able to enter the challenge ahead of Kouenji. "

“It was about time, right? Your group has put a damper on my chances of earning the

order rewards. ”

More than ten minutes had already passed since the announcement of the designated area. He was sure the rivals are heading to the designated areas that Kouenji should be heading to one after the other.

There is a good chance of regaining first place from here, but what will happen is unclear.

"I'm sorry, but you're not going to …… go."

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Based on her steadfast determination, Mikitani said that he would not hesitate to fight Kouenji.

"I can't be nice to you all the time."

"Does that mean you're going to turn against me?"

The third year students had been confused by Kouenji's environment up to that point, but they remembered their role. They knew it was an embarrassing situation to be surrounded by so many younger students, but if this was the only way to survive, they couldn't pretend otherwise. Normally, the other party would realize that there is no end in sight, but Kouenji was different. The man, who had no interest in anyone but himself, was only thinking about how to handle the situation here to make it beautiful. His blonde hair was as lustrous as a woman's, and he never failed to maintain it even while living on an uninhabited island. He lightly touched his slightly unruly bangs and smiled. Mikitani, momentarily shocked and frightened by this, walked away.

"Time is money, come quickly."