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“It’s the same as Villager D.”

“That’s too short! There must be something else, right!?”

This horny dude really wants more information about the beautiful Hoshinomori.

Sigh, …I can only give up and reveal a piece of information to him.

“The protagonist of her most recent game is a sweet potato.”

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“No, thanks. Take care.”

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Masaya backed up wisely.

Chapter 22 – Keita Amano and Prequel Talk 1

How did Keita live his life before meeting with Karen…?

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We’ll bring you the prequel for today and tomorrow!


I’m alone during the break again. The scenery outside the window didn’t help to relieve the suffocatingly uncomfortable classroom. I sighed.

It’s been a month since I entered Otobuki High School. I, Keita Amano, still don’t have any friends.

It’s not because I did anything. It’s more like it’s because I didn’t do anything.

The classmates are chatting next to me cheerfully. Yet, I’m staring at my phone alone.

So, although I wasn’t planning on eavesdropping, their conversation can still be heard.

“Wow, look at that blonde girl! She’s really beautiful!”