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“There’s something strange about your homeroom teacher.”

“In the first place, she just doesn’t have any motivation to tell us and is apathetic to the students. There are those kind of teachers.”

I didn’t think it was something to be surprised about, but Ichinose took a step back.

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“Did you know that the homeroom teachers are evaluated when their class graduates?”

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“No, first time hearing it. Are you sure?”

I wasn’t interested; rather, I had to be interested. An important distinction to make.

“My homeroom teacher, Hoshinomiya-sensei, says it like it’s her favorite phrase. She always says that she has to do her best because the teacher in charge of class A will get a bonus at the end. It seems like it’s different for you guys.”

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“I’m envious of your homeroom teacher and your class.”

It feels like our homeroom teacher has no sense of ambition and no desire for money.

Rather, it feels like she would say, “You guys are failing—great!”.

“I think it would be great to meet up and discuss things sometime.”

“I wasn’t expecting to be helped by the enemy.”

“I mean, it feels like this is a problem before we can compete. After all, we’re not on even playing ground.”

We were being pitied, even by the other classes.

It shows the lack of enthusiasm Chiyabashira-sensei has for her students.

“I wish we could switch teachers.”