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Do you sell small appliances online?

The “pressure” was several times heavier than any of the 13 Knights of the Oracle I have faced.

(For now, shall I make sure?)

I cleared my throat and called out timidly.

「Excuse me… Sebas-san, did you perhaps direct your killing intent towards me at the uninhabited island behind the Hundred Million Year Sakura Blossom?」

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「Oh, you mean at that time. You hugged the president when she accidentally tripped over a pebble.」

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He muttered, and held his head with his trembling hands.

「I was so jealous and envious when you were touching the president and I just couldn’t forgive you! Despite being on a tailing mission, my killing intent accidentally leaked out!」

Sebas-san scratched his head violently and raised his voice almost like a scream.

「I-Is that right…」

It seems that the killing intent which I felt at that time was indeed his.

(But well, it’s a relief for the time being.)

The unknown figure lurking in Cherin was Sebas-san. And his purposes were to talk about recruiting me into the Black Organization and to exchange information.

In other words, there is no immediate danger at present.