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“Yep. As long as he continues to provoke those around him with his behavior, this trouble was unavoidable. And if there’s no proof, his image, particularly his impression on others, would be used against him. For example, let’s say there are two suspects for a murder case. One of them has a previous record of murder, while the other is upright and diligent. Who would you believe?”

If one was forced to answer, the majority would have made the same choice.

“That’s obvious; the upright person.”

“With or without evidence, a decision must be made; even if it’s not the truth. That’s what’s happening right now. So long as Sudou doesn’t recognise his mistakes, Horikita won’t give in.”

However, it felt slightly different than the expression of “you reap what you sow.”

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“I see, so that’s what she meant…”

Kushida, finally understanding what Horikita meant, gave a small nod.

“So Horikita-san isn’t helping in order to teach Sudou-kun a lesson?”

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“Something like that. By punishing him, she wants Sudou to have some self-awareness.”

Kushida seemed to understand, but couldn’t agree with it.

Instead, it looked like she was mad; she had balled her fists in anger..

“I don’t understand why she would abandon Sudou-kun just to punish him. If she’s dissatisfied about something, she should tell him directly. That’s what being a friend is for.”

I didn’t think Horikita considered Sudou a friend in the first place… Putting that aside, she wasn’t the type of person who would teach this nicely. She had no sense of responsibility for others.

“You should do what you believe is right. Wanting to help Sudou isn’t wrong in the first place.”