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And, drawing Gilberte upon his knees,"Well, daughter," he said, "you see that I don't importune you anymore, and I leave you quite free. I am more reasonable than you are."But on the other hand, and according to an expression which escapedhim later, he tried to turn the enemy.

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He did every thing in his power to spread in the neighborhood therumor of Mlle. Gilberte's marriage with a financier of colossalwealth, - that elegant young man who came in a coupe with two horses.

Mme. Favoral could not enter a shop without being covertlycomplimented upon having found such a magnificent establishment forher daughter.

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Loud, indeed, must have been the gossip; for its echo reached eventhe inattentive ears of the Signor Gismondo Pulei.

One day, suddenly interrupting his lesson, - "You are going to bemarried, signora?" he inquired.

Mlle. Gilberte started.

What the old Italian had heard, he would surely ere long repeat toMarius. It was therefore urgent to undeceive him.

"It is true," she replied, "that something has been said about amarriage, dear maestro.""Ah, ah!""Only my father had not consulted me. That marriage will nevertake place: I swear it."She expressed herself in a tone of such ardent conviction, that theold gentleman was quite astonished, little dreaming that it was notto him that this energetic denial was addressed.

"My destiny is irrevocably fixed," added Mlle. Gilberte. "When Imarry, I will consult the inspirations of my heart only."In the mean time, it was a veritable conspiracy against her. M.

Favoral had succeeded in interesting in the success of his designshis habitual guests, not M. and Mme. Desciavettes, who had beenseduced from the first, but M. Chapelain and old Desormeaux himself.

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So that they all vied with each other in their efforts to bring the"dear child" to reason, and to enlighten her with their counsels.

"Father must have a still more considerable interest in this alliancethan he has allowed us to think," she remarked to her brother.

Maxence was also absolutely of the same opinion.

"And then," he added, "our father must be terribly rich; for, do notdeceive yourself, it isn't solely for your pretty blue eyes thatthis Costeclar persists in coming here twice a week to pocket a newmortification. What enormous dowry can he be hoping for? I amgoing to speak to him myself, and try to find out what he is after."But Mlle. Gilberte had but slight confidence in her brother'sdiplomacy.

"I beg of you," she said, "don't meddle with that business!""Yes, yes, I will! Fear nothing, I'll be prudent."Having taken his resolution, Maxence placed himself on the lookout;and the very next day, as M. Costeclar was stepping out of hiscarriage at the door, he walked straight up to him.

"I wish to speak to you, sir," he said. Self-possessed as he was,the brilliant financier succeeded but poorly in concealing a surprisethat looked very much like fright.