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“Hmm? Senpai is saying…”

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I searched my memory to see if I did that… Ah~~ I did.

“Ah, because if I climb higher from there, I think I can catch an amazing view, so I tried jumping… And the scenery was awesome!... Well, I was shot immediately after that.”

After hearing my answer, not just Kase-Senpai, even Tendo-san sighed softly. When Misumi-kun also smiled awkwardly, I tilted my head, not really sure why I was lectured.

“Well… Ah, sorry, I didn’t play that seriously. Well, it is fun playing with everyone──”

“Never mind that. Or rather, you saw how I play right? Didn’t you think about learning from that? Just what are you thinking about when you watched me?”

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To me, these were still baffling questions. Not knowing what kind of mine I tripped off, I answered timidly:

“Huh? Well… What I have in mind… That… I felt impressed thinking ‘great skills’ and ‘amazing’, and was having a blast watching… But… Ah, I like to watch clips of highly skilled players──”

“... Hmmp.”

Kase-Senpai smirked while I was still talking, then turned his eyes away from me as if he had lost interest.

With the awkward atmosphere in the room… Tendo-san wanted to restart the session and said loudly:


“The Gamers Club doesn’t just play FPS! Next… that’s right, let’s play an action game, action game! Okay, Nina-Senpai, it’s your turn!”

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“Hmmm? Ah… Wait a moment…”

Oiso-Senpai who was called took off her headphones and hung it on her neck as she swiftly finish off her opponent. After ending the game, Senpai grunted and used her gaze to urge Kase-Senpai to switch places with her. She probably wanted to play on the main monitor together with us.

After changing seats, Kase-Senpai continued playing FPS alone. Tendo-san then went to the top seat area to choose a game.

“Well~~ … Right… Fighting games require skill… That would be a little…”