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“Well, let’s start right away.”

“Hey, can I ask whether you’re talking to yourself? Or do I have to respond to you?”

“Uh, combat mode, 2 players, bots setting is strong, and all items are available. …Alright.”

“Ah, you’re really talking to yourself-“

“Jiraiya, you have to say something as well. Help me fill up the time!”

“What!? This is the first time that someone asked me to talk to myself! Hey, what’s happening? Tora, are you afraid of silence or something?”

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“Uh, it’s simply because something bad will happen if we don’t talk.”

“What’s with that curse!? That’s scary! Something terrible will happen if we don’t talk. Tora, the death threat on your end is even less reasonable than the ones in Final Destination!”

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“No, no, no, what are you talking about, Jiraiya? You’re already not an outsider anymore.”

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“I’m not an outsider!? Eh, how did I get dragged into this in just a second…”

“Ah, the fight between the exploding monkeys is starting, Jiraiya.”

“Now’s not the time for that!”

Amano nearly cried out, yet he still responded to the game quickly. I gave a satisfied smile at his look. At the same time, I remembered the comments I got from the last video.

(I didn’t expect the audience to like “Jiraiya not realizing he’s live streaming” so much…)

Initially, I chose him as my partner because of his mediocre gaming skills and reactions. After I actually uploaded the video, I found interest in a part that wasn’t in my expectations.

That’s why it’s both fun and challenging to provide entertainment.

“Wow, I miss it so much. It’s been a long time since I last played it, < Exploding Monkeys >.”