How do CAD draws online

How do CAD draws online

“According to my knowledge, even while this place was incurring losses, the boss kept pouring money into it. He opened three or four more branches in Jingzhou City. A hard-headed person like that is rare.

“Of course, I did not study him very closely. I’ve only put together everything I’ve heard and witnessed during this period and made an inference.”

Boss Liu nodded slightly, expressing his agreement.

Many people probably tried to stop this man from pouring three or four million yuan into creating a unique place like that. However, this shop stood nonetheless. What’s more, there was not just one of its kind. All of this evidence showed that the boss of this place did not lack money; what’s more, he probably acted in a very arbitrary fashion.

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Otherwise, he would not have done something like that.

Li Shi continued, “So if I talk to him now, I might be rebuffed. The boss would not accept my investment for sure. I want to keep waiting. I want to wait as this shop continues to do badly. I will wait until all its branches incur losses, and when the boss begins to doubt himself and starts to plan for a change…

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“I will decisively offer to invest a huge sum of money as assistance. Then, I will acquire a shareholding in this place systematically. When that time comes, Boss Liu, we can talk about cooperating.”

Boss Liu laughed, neither agreeing nor rejecting the proposal. “Good planning, Boss Li. However, I feel that we have to observe this business model for a longer time.”

“Boss Li, don’t misunderstand. I’m not trying to be a wet blanket. I’m just slightly more conservative. I’m not like you investors; I don’t know how to see too far into the future. Once you—Boss Li—achieve your objective, I don’t mind discussing this deal.

“For all we know, Boss Li, you might not succeed. Then, it might be someone else hoping to work together with me.”

Li Shi smiled and sipped his coffee once more. “Don’t worry, Boss Liu. I think the boss of this place would have no reason to reject me.”

June 18th…

Tengda’s few games were updated at the same time!

There was a lot of excitement among people who had been waiting for these to happen. People who usually bought downloadable content did so; people who tried to acquire epic weapons did so. These people made their purchases while shouting ‘Tengda is so kind’. At the same time, they cursed various games with paywalls on the forums.

As Pei Qian scanned the forums, he kept an eye on the numbers on the platform. The rate at which they were selling some downloadable content was making him panic.

This was especially the case for Ocean Stronghold’s five hundred Barrett Dooms. Pei Qian had thought that they would last him for the entire day. However, from the looks of the situation, they probably would not last for even an hour.