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Ma Yang spoke again. “I’m going to call Branch Manager Lin directly to arrange for the dinner on Saturday. Is that alright?”

Pei Qian was speechless.”…”

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You still have the cheek to accept a treat from me!

Unable to speak, Pei Qian had no choice but to gesture an ‘okay’ with his back towards Ma Yang. Then, without turning back, he left.

When he arrived back at Tengda Games, Pei Qian sat down in his own office. He had already spent some time thinking back on his life. Now, he had to think about how to deal with what just happened.

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The cycle had just begun, and yet someone had already pulled such a stunt. This came as a complete shock to Pei Qian.

They bought 20%!s(MISSING)hares and obtained the right to be IOI’s exclusive local agent. The nail had already been hit into the coffin. Pei Qian could not undo this investment or transfer the newly-bought shares to someone else.

That was because he had no good reason to do so.

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What if he sold the shares later on? The shares in Finger Games would surely appreciate in value. If he sold them, he would definitely earn a huge sum of money.

The more Pei Qian thought about it, the surer he was that he could not sell the shares.

He would be stupid to sell them midway through!

If Finger Games could really become what Pei Qian imagined, the exclusive agency rightsin addition to the shares-would earn Tengda a lot of money.

Earning money was indeed akin to feces in Boss Pei’s eyes. Yet… Boss Pei could not ignore too many feces.

If IOI earned billions of yuan every year-no matter how the System adjusted the Profit Conversion Ratios, Pei Qian would still gain a lot of Personal Wealth. If it were merely millions of yuan, the sum would be insignificant to Pei Qian. However, billions of yuan would be a totally different story.

Moreover, if Pei Qian allowed his imagination to run wild, he might even be able to create unique skins and heroes named after himself!

All of that sounded pretty enchanting!

If this really happened, Pei Qian would just have to lie back and earn money without doing anything. That sounded like nothing short of a good plan, too. He could earn a lot of System Funds and spend it on logistics and physical industries to give back to society.