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How do you make money on the video spread online?

Were those my exact words?

My exact words were these: ‘just act normally’ and ‘the male lead is an ordinary person, just act ordinary’!

This Lu Zhiyao not only misunderstood me, but he also injected some kind of philosophy in my words...

Obviously, Lu Zhiyao couldn’t remember what Pei Qian had said before. He only made it up on the spot, based on his foggy memory. That was how he had come up with those lines in the interview.

What’s more, the ’eminent person’ obviously referred to Pei Qian!

“Lu Zhiyao, Lu Zhiyao... I can’t say anything about you ridding yourself of toxicity or about you achieving a breakthrough in your acting, but couldn’t you have stopped yourself from achieving this with my movie...?”

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Pei Qian realized that his fear that ‘Lu Zhiyao drinking beer’ would become a hot search had turned into reality. However, the process had been slightly different from what he had imagined

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Knock, knock!

Pei Qian was leaning back on his chair, daydreaming, when he heard someone knock on the door. He was stunned. “Delivery? No, I didn’t order anything recently.”

He opened his door and saw that it was Ma Yang.

“What are you doing here?” Pei Qian asked, surprised.

School was not going to reopen for some time. The company had opened for business again, but He Desheng could handle Dream Realization Ventures. Pei Qian had also been keeping an eye on their main investments so it made no difference whether Ma Yang was there or not.

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Pei Qian had thought that Ma Yang would stay at home until the end of the holiday before coming back to work.

Ma Yang sat down on the sofa, looking concerned. “I heard from He Desheng that Brother Qian hasn’t been to the office for a few days. That’s why I came to check on you.”

Ma Yang looked at the bags of snacks on the table. Pei Qian had eaten them all when he felt bored over the past few days.

Ma Yang’s expression turned somber. “Brother Qian, I have to scold you. You’re the Chairman now. You cannot put everything on your own shoulders now!

“Take Dream Realization Ventures for example. It’s true—I didn’t have enough time to work because of the upcoming examinations, but you didn’t have to handle all the investment matters on your own!