How to accept the task online

How to accept the task online

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".....I haven't been flashily bullied like that in many years".

"Should I say the experience was different? Indeed, ever since I reached elementary school, was it?"

Long-term bullying. She was finally released from that. To have become this nimble, enjoying high school life like this could be said to be a natural gift.

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However, Karuizawa made a slightly mysterious face as she listened to me talk now.

But perhaps she was able to understand immediately, she became convinced as she opened her mouth.

"Ahh....I see. It's like that right? Sorry, Kiyotaka, I may have lied a bit".

Fuu, as though she were convinced about something, Karuizawa nodded.

"That thing I told Yousuke-kun about having been bullied for 9 years. That was a lie. You know, rather than just say I was only bullied during middle school, telling him I was bullied ever since elementary school makes it easier for me to get him to save me, I thought that. Even though the environment changed, the bullying continued, if he were to learn about that, perhaps he might think the same thing might happen at high school too, right?".

Lightly laughing, she stuck out her tongue.

So that's how it is. A lie so that she could properly make use of Hirata. To think that far when using someone, it showed Karuizawa's determination.

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"More like........for having incited Manabe and the others. Are you not going to apologize again?".

"Now that you put it that way, that's right. Thanks to the date, I had thoroughly forgotten all about that".