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“You’re making me touch your belly on purpose-“

“Eh? What are you talking about? Here, rob it again? I’m putting the chest inside the bookshelf.”

“Ugh, tck…!”

“Alright, time’s up. Let’s leave.”


Senpai dropped his shoulders deflatedly. At the next second, someone knocked on the student council room door. We freaked out and heard somebody talking outside.

“Hey, Konoha, are you there? I’m here to pick you up…”

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Senpai couldn’t help but react to her voice. At the next moment, onee-chan’s voice sounds extremely shocked.

“E-Eh? Why is Keita in the student council room!? There’s no one here…”

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“Woah, Chiaki, I’m going to stop your misunderstandings there. I-“

Senpai hastily grabbed his school bag and tried to dash out. I smiled devilishly and yelled at him on purpose.

“Ara, senpai, can you return my bra you’ve thrown over there first?”


Onee-chan sounded terrified outside. Senpai glared at me and complained. His face is as red as a tomato.

“Konoha-san! You little, …stop saying that…!”

“Didn’t I say this before, senpai? I’m not satisfied with just being friends alone.”


“Ah, by the way, I think my onee-chan dashed out…”