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Well, let’s get back on track. This is the end of < Gamers! >.

At this point, the devil number of “2” appeared in front of me again.

Hiya, I done goofed up. There are way too many afterword pages in < Gamers! > Although the standard is a bit weird, it shouldn’t end up like < Seitokai >.

So, I didn’t expect this devil-like number to appear here. …I never thought that I’ll only have 2 pages.

If I just took it, the readers definitely will say, “Oya oya, this is the second time already. Are you doing it on purpose?”

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I don’t know how many times I’ll need to say this, but I really didn’t make any changes. Believe me.

Well, I can understand that feeling too. This page number is not cool. It sounds like I did it on purpose. However, that’s why, for me, if I’m doing it on purpose, I would add to 19 pages. I’m making a new record, okay?

But, boy, do I hate people putting this “from 2 pages to 18 pages” choice in front of me! I’ll be the one that “woah” the most if you ask! In fact, I have to write it!

Seriously, I could’ve just gone for 2 pages. After all, I didn’t promise to write long afterwords in this series.

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However, for some reason, …it’s because I haven’t written long afterwords series like this. That’s why I can feel a silent pressure from the readers.

Somehow, I feel like when I write something like this, “Sekina Aoi is surely considerate of the readers.”, “After all that, you still love writing afterwords, right.” Perhaps people may think about this positively. But that’s really not the case. Well, I do update my information for readers once per month on my blog.

To put it simply, I wouldn’t write something like this if I can choose. Also, I’m a piece of trash that doesn’t feel the need to be honest to readers. I don’t care about their interests either. Yeah, I’m the guy that plays < Tetris > instead of writing my blog, and we’re in the Reiwa era. Can you believe it?

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So, the choice that said, “There are only 2 pages. …What are you going to do?” is put in front of me.

I really don’t want to write 18 pages!

I can’t believe you’re making a garbage NEET writing 18 pages of emotionally-filled text. Going to hell and training would be better than this!

However, if I decide to write 2 pages here, everyone will definitely feel disappointed, right!? I’m scared of that! Is this bullying!? Are all of you bullying me!?

Anyway, that’s why I ran out of options. Here are your 18 pages.