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“Yeah, I guess it’s no use. I’ll properly report what happened here to everyone in the class. I invited Ayanokouji-kun to the party, but I was declined because my invitation wasn’t good enough.”

“Wait. Why would it end up like that?”

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“So you’re going to come?”


“Oh you do hate it, don’t you? Ahh, if only I could have asked you out a little better… I’m sorry everyone.”

“It would be a problem if you get so depressed…”

“You only need to show your face…! Please, even just that! And Honami-chan is coming too!”

She clasped her hands together once more, this time with more force than before.

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After she came this far, it was as if there was no way out of this situation.

“Fine, I get it. I really just need to show my face, right?”

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“Yes, thank you! Oh, but don’t tell Honami-chan you’re coming to the party later, okay?”

She showed a smile so bright that it was hard to believe that she had been sad and depressed just moments ago.

It is often said that women are born actresses.