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What software is the software that is most profitable online?

The moment I gripped the pseudo-black sword for the first time in a long time, I understood clearly.

The darkness swirling in me is stronger, denser, and darker – approaching Zeon’s darkness.

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(The trigger was most likely… the match with Clown-san.)

At that time, I felt『a foreign power mixing in』.

Being able to perceive that power… how do I say this….

I feel that a『path』that had been blocked until now has opened up a lot.

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(Perhaps… Clown-san grasped the『strengthening of darkness』and that is why he overlooked us going to the Empire.)

And when I thought back to the situation that happened a little while ago,

「Allen… You turned your sword at me, the『Apostle of God』. That is treason to God! You’re prepared for what’s coming right! I’m going to continue to give you all kinds of torture and engrave hellish pain into your marrows!」

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Gregor’s roar echoed, and tremendous killing intent filled the cathedral.


The nobles screamed and huddled together. Even the president involuntarily cowered.