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what is the exchange on american money

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Horikita took out his phone and showed me the screen which displayed a phone number.

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Then he switched the screen to show another number.

“Remember these two numbers. One is mine, and the other is Tachibana’s. If you have any problems after you graduate, you can always talk to us. If you can’t remember these numbers, you can save it now, but it has to be deleted later.”

Contact with people outside the school was prohibited. If I noted the number down carelessly, it would only hurt me.

I nodded slightly to indicate that there was no problem, and saved the 11-digit number in my brain.

Although it was impossible for me to imagine a day where those numbers were needed, I wouldn’t lose anything just by memorizing them.

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“I haven’t asked you yet, where do you plan to go afterwards?”

Because he told me Tachibana’s number, I now knew that they would keep in touch after graduation.

“About that-“

Horikita, who was about to speak, stopped after confirming the time on his phone.

“I’ll tell you about it after you graduate, it’s almost time.”

It was almost noon.

In other words, it was the appointed time to meet the younger Horikita.

However, Horikita was nowhere to be seen. Even if the elder Horikita’s expression was the same as usual, I felt a little lonely.

“I’ll contact her.”

I don’t think that that person would go against her feelings and not show up now.